KL Select Flexion Rolled Bridle

New! The elegant KL Select Flexion Rolled Dressage Bridle is a recent addition to our Dressage Bridle collection. The Flexion Bridle features our generously padded anatomic crownpiece, super soft to the touch. This crown is designed for comfort, poll pressure dispersion, and is contoured behind the horse’s ears for freedom of movement; with rolled 1/2″ pin end cheek pieces for a cleaner presentation. The beautiful flash crank noseband features extra wide soft padding and measures 1 7/8″ at its widest and gently tapers down on each side.  The Flexion is complete with a curved crystal browband. All hardware is stainless steel, with a roller buckle on the noseband. Sold with or without matching rolled 5/8″ Dressage reins. 
Snaffle, with reins
Snaffle, without reins
Weymouth, with reins
Weymouth, without reins