KL Select Pirouette Weymouth

The KL Select Pirouette Weymouth Bridle has a classic look, yet with a bold noseband made wider with extra padding. Notably, the Pirouette Weymouth is available with two browbands: a 3/4″ “V” shaped crystal and a 3/4″ matching padded round raised browband – offering both a look for schooling and for showing.  This bridle features a 1 1/2″ padded, round raised cavesson crank noseband, 5/8″ cheek pieces, a padded threaded headstall – providing comfort for the horses’s poll. Comes complete with 3/4″ Dressage Reins (plain leather reins with stops) and 5/8″ Curb Reins. This bridle is made in premium Italian leather. All hardware is stainless steel, pin end for a cleaner look, with a roller buckle on the noseband.   (Please excuse the temporary image.)

Weymouth, Cavesson Crank


Black with Black padding