Care Instructions

Protect Your Investment

The premium English and Italian leather used in our Red Barn and KL Select products is a full grain leather.  When new, this leather has a shiny finish as a result of the treatment and care it receives as it goes through the various finishing processes.  The premium leather is infused with natural oils and tallow fats to ensure that the natural fibers are moisturized and do not dry out.  The careful preparation results in leather that is flexible, supple, and durable.  The shiny finish will diminish over time with use and regular cleaning.

The tanning process also eliminates the need to further oil the leather before using.  Notably, using synthetic oils or solvents will break down the natural fibrous structure of the leather. Soaking or dipping your bridle in oil will damage the leather by oversaturating the leather’s fibers and will also cause the material composition of the glue used in manufacturing to break down and seep out of your tack.  IF you do oil your tack, we highly recommend applying the oil in light coats, letting each dry before applying more. Notably, overoiling your KL Select product(s) will void the warranty.

Cleaning and conditioning your tack is crucial to protecting your investment in a KL Select product.  Leather that is properly cared for will last for years of use.  We recommend daily cleaning after use for all our KL Select products.  We suggest wiping the item down with a damp cloth or sponge, followed by application of a gentle cleaner such as our own KL Select Mad Cow.  Wipe off any excess soap with a clean cloth.  Once the leather is soft and well-conditioned, maintenance should be minimal.