Our Brands

At KL Select, we know that being an equestrian is more than just riding. It is a passion, a lifestyle. Our horses are not just pets, but our partners, parts of our families. Equestrians want their partners to look and feel their best. We owe it to them. With this in mind, our products are handcrafted from premium leathers, hand picked by our vendors, and conscientiously designed for comfort, performance, and equine fashion. We focus on anatomic features that will be beneficial to the horse, such as styles that avoid pressure points or allow for freedom of movement and super soft padding.  Much time and effort is invested in producing products that will last for years to come.

Why Buy A KL Select Product?

Not only are quality and design important to us, but also fit. We can customize our premium bridles, mixing and matching bridle parts to give your horse the perfect fit.

Your tack should be an investment that will last you and your horse. It’s worth buying quality products.

We truly care about customer service! It’s kind of our thing. We reply to your emails, we ship online orders quickly, and we will work with you to solve any issue you may be having.