Not All Tack Is Created Equal

KL Select has been offering a carefully curated collection of bridles and strapgoods in the United States for four decades, earning us the reputation for having impeccable quality and innovative designs. But, what differentiates our products from our competitor’s?

All about the leather:  
Most notable, the exceptional Red Barn and KL Select bridles are crafted from premium English and Italian leather, drum-dyed to give it a supple pliable feel and deep color finish.  The end result is a buttery soft leather, that with proper cleaning and conditioning, will last for years.

Conscientious Styling & Design:  
KL Select offers a variety of bridles designed for the Dressage, Hunter-Jumper and Event riders, priding ourselves on staying on trend and designing new, up-to-date styles. From ergonomic Dressage Bridles, to our full range of Hunter bridles styled with the American show circuit in mind, all KL Select’s bridles are given thoughtful attention with the ultimate comfort for your horse in mind.  For example, the Arena Bridle is anatomically designed to avoid and alleviate pressure on your horse’s most sensitive areas, such as their poll, mouth, and ears.  The Red Barn Ocala Bridle has an ergonomic headstall, cutback around the ears and softly padded to reduce poll pressure.  These details have shown to make horses feel more comfortable and many undesirable habits may be alleviated: head shaking, teeth grinding and general resistance.

The Difference is in the details:
Attention to detail is important to KL Select. That is why you will find many small details that make our products different.  These benefits and features include stainless steel hardware, soft cushy padding, and tight runners; holes punched from the underside out, for ease of use; tapered ends for a styled finish, 5/8” Flash Straps on Dressage bridles for the horse’s comfort.  And, most importantly, our premium bridles have a one-year limited warranty on any manufacturing defects.  

Sizing & customization:
While KL Select’s bridles fit most standard horses just fine, we all know that there can always be a part that is not sized correctly for your particular four-legged friend.  We offer a limited customization service of our bridlework, with the help of one of our national retail partners, to accommodate for the best fit for the horse.

All of these details and features contribute to KL Select’s success and long-standing reputation, and differentiate our products from our competitor’s.